Twimod have been designed for providing many with an ethical, responsible and compliant method of growing their online community. Once Twitter and similar social bookmarking started growing in popularity, they modified their rules for people, who wanted to use their services. Initially, Twitter was built only for answering one simple question in 2006: “What are you doing now?” Now, it has developed into one of the most important online platforms giving scope to different users to communicate with one another.
You must be aware of the advantage of being able to communicate with a considerable audience and then influencing them with your words. Thus, there is always an incentive for increasing these audiences. Unfortunately, there are many amongst us or different online groups, who wish to reach a larger audience by whatever means necessary. It does not matter to them, if they are using unethical means or violating ToS (Terms of Service) of the site in concern. They are even prepared to opt for criminal activity to achieve their goal.
We are Dedicated towards Building a Good Twitter Ecosystem
At Twimod, we have decided to make an impact in the Twitter ecosystem. Our main agenda is to be the source of a good community developing service. We are aware of the fact that if we wish to be successful in our goals, we would have to follow all the rules not only fairly, but also on a consistent basis. Thus, our top priority is to always follow the footsteps of the social bookmarking site and always conform to the ToS followed there. We are aware of the fact that if we fail in meeting the standard set of requirements formed by Twitter, our services will not stand the test of time. Rather, we would cease to exist. Here are some of the guiding principles, which we want you to follow:
We are Not Selling Followers
We would like you to be very clear about this fact, as it is the core to the services, which we provide to our users. We are not into selling Twitter followers. Again, there is no scope of followers getting added to your Twitter account automatically. No social networking site approves of such activity. They have it mentioned in their site’s ToS.
Twimod is a free website and merely offers introduction for a user. Following, which takes place through our website, is strictly opt-in. Our users perform that activity and not us. We have come up with the idea of mods for encouraging our users to come across other users with similar likes, interact with them and follow them in the process. Yes, we do sell mods, but it is only done to allow a user to be checked out (and not followed) by others at our site. It is one of the reasons, why we have quite a flexible rate on offer for our members. Again, we do not press users to purchase mods. There is scope for them to participate freely at our site, even if they do not make a purchase.
Analogies from Members on Twimod
Check out some of the analogies, which have been provided by users, who are using our services, and experts:
“The site works similar to how Twitter works at the time of signup, when we are shown the list of its recommended users. It is very difficult to make the list of Twitter recommended users. However, with Twimod, you get an opportunity to be a part of a list of “good” users in the social networking site. The site can be considered a source outside of Twitter for providing other users with your initial introduction.”
“I find it similar to speed dating for finding the perfect match in the social networking world. Yes, there is no serious dating taking place over here, but the function of introducing a user to another works in the same line.”
A Big ‘No’ to Spam
Nobody likes spam or be a part of the problem associated with such malicious items. We believe that Twitter is quite efficient in identifying spams. They have listed a set of guidelines, based on which they consider an activity or an account malicious. They have not restricted their definition a spam to just tweets, but have also incorporated the same on the following and un-following behavior of an account. There are few points specifically in their Terms of Service, which we want to highlight:
* Following large number of Twitter Users in short time period
* Following/un-following users in short time period, especially using automated methods (an aggressive follower churning).
Thus, these points must clear your mind with the fact that if you are following users for the sake of getting followed only, it might create a problem for you in the longer run. has been designed as an introduction community and not a tool for finding/following Twitter users.
Steps taken to Abide by Twitter Standards
Below you will find some of the steps, which we have taken to assure that we abide by Twitter standards:
* People have the full right on deciding who to follow and who to not. Users are not served with any special benefit for following you just because you have followed them.
* There is a limit on the count of people, whom you can follow, on an everyday basis. In the process, only a handful of people can follow you as well.
* There is no scope for un-following users on our site. We do not want to promote such activity. Instead, we want you to give yourself sometime and checkout the preferences of the user before deciding on following them.
* We keep track of users, who are doing aggressive follower churn. Once it goes out of hand, we filter their account from our list.
* Any account suspended by Twitter is suspended by Twimod without giving any prior notification.
* You only have the scope of following members, who are listed on Twimod through our site. You will not be able to follow users through our site, if they are not our users.
Similar to most sites, disclosure plays an important role for our site. Anytime, when you stand benefitted from endorsement, you should disclose that connection. It is clearly stated that, “Whenever there is an existence of connection between seller and endorser of advertised products resulting in the credibility of the endorsement, connection of such sort needs to be disclosed.” You are going to benefit whenever you will send your referral link out. This move might have an influence on what is being said from your end on the website in your posts and tweets. Therefore, we would ask you to disclose connections, whenever you are endorsing the site, but stand for benefitting from the concerned endorsements.
No to Selling Twimod Accounts
We are not going to allow Twimod users to sell the accounts, which they have with us. All the social networking sites on the internet prohibit such activities and we are no exception. This activity can only serve in encouraging abuse. We also do not believe in the idea of users to grow account (or multiple accounts) on for the sole purpose to sell them off at the end.
Your Privacy is Our Concern
We are not going to collect or ask for any other information about you, other than the ones, which we retrieve from your profile in Twitter or what you have provided to us while registering to our site. We are not going to ask us for password of your Twitter account. Rather, we would ask you to give it neither to us nor to any website, which you are registered to.
At Twimod, we make use of OAuth for authenticating with your Twitter account. You have the full power to revoke the access, whenever you want. We are also not going to auto-tweet anything to your account. Our site will only send tweets, which have been sent explicitly from your end.
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