Frequently Asked Questions
How does twimod works?
Twitter provides many with the path to have an increased social network. However, it is very difficult to build a considerable network all by yourself. Twimod is the platform that offers a process of introducing you to other people on Twitter and developing your social network.
We have come up with the concept of mods, which creates the incentive for Twitter members to check one another out. If you follow a person on Twitter, they provide you with mods and the same concept is applicable, if they follow you.
With Twimod, you have the option of deciding the count of mods, which you can provide per introduction. There might be a chance that you would run out of mods. If that happens to you, there is no reason to be disappointed. You will still remain on the list of followers of the Twitter member. It will then be entirely their decision, if they wish to check you out or not.
Our main aim is to make your introduction to another member. Your role here is to decide, who you wish to become friends with in the longer run. Do not confuse us with people offering “Get a lot of Followers, the moment you register” gigs. In our case, both the parties have the scope of deciding “Who to be friends with and whom to ignore”. Our main focus is on community building.
What is mods?
We have a system, which helps in the development of your social network. That system is referred to as “mods”. You give an opportunity in the form of “mods” to other Twitter followers for checking you out. If things work out well with you, these members can become your long-term followers.
The best part about mods is that it works both ways. It will not only help you in developing your social network, but the members, who will receive your mod, can grow their communities as well.
Mods can be considered as the mechanism that encourages people for checking one another out.
Are you selling Twitter Followers at Twimod?
No, we are not selling followers at Twimod. We are only providing you with a tool, which can help Twitter members to choose people, who they wish to follow. We can purely be described as a discovery service that gives scope to people to make a search on the basis of locality, interests, professions and several other attributes. Mods provide you with just the support needed for controlling your followers. At the same time, it gives you the boost needed for developing your community.
If I do not wish to follow others on Twitter, will Twimod be of any use to me?
It is perfectly fine to us, if you do not wish to follow anyone. You can have yourself listed on our website for free. There are high chances that people will check you out at Twimod. You can get mods through different means including blogging or daily visits.
What would it cost me, if I wish to opt for your services?
It would cost you nothing. Our services are free. Yes, there is a scope of buying mods, in case you want to. However, everything other than that is essentially free.
Can I purchase mods?
Yes, you can purchase mods. There is a mods section in our website, which you can access only if you are logged on. You can purchase mods from the section using secure PayPal payment method. Once the transaction is completed and the money is transferred, mods will be credited in your account automatically. There is also the scope of checking out all the transactions that you have done at our site in your account history.
What would happen, in case my Twitter account is suspended for any reason?
As a part of our site’s policy, you can use Twimod, only if you have a Twitter account in a fully active state. In case your account is suspended or banned, you will not be able to use our services. Since our focus is based mainly on Twitter, we make sure to seriously abide by the services of the social networking site. You can find more details on the Ethics section of our website.
Why is it saying: I cannot follow someone?
The user you are trying to follow is not a part of Twimod or he/she is supended from Twitter.
Can I block Twimod Users?
Yes, there is a “block users” button on your listing page, which you can use to screen out users, who you feel are unsuitable to you. If an account gets blocked or reported by a certain count of users, we suspend it from our site.
How secure is my personal information in your website?
We only use the personal information for offering you with the services that you have requested. It is used for processing your orders, if you are looking to purchase mods. We might even use your personal information for doing auditing, analyzing and finding out different methods for improving our services. However, you can be rest assured that your information is safe with us and it will not be passed to any third party.
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