Frequently asked questions about Mods
What are mods?
By using mods, Twimod gives you an opportunity to develop your social network on Twitter. You offer mods to other members on Twimod as an incentive for them to check you out.
If things work out well for you, many of the members, who you offer mods, would become your long-term followers. They, in turn, can use the mods provided by you for developing their social network as well.
I am not looking for mods; I just want to use Twimod to make new friends and increase my social network
Yes, that is absolutely fine for us. You have the scope of searching for friends and following them without having to list yourself on Twimod. For that, all you need to do is turn the profile in an “OFF” state by going to the account settings page. Even with the profile turned off, you will be able to find new and interesting friends.
Why am I not able to offer just 1 mod?
The minimum mod count, which you can offer is 2. However, our site has a process of automatically deducting one mod with every follow that you make. This is why the offer is always a mod lower than what you set them in the first place. By setting it to 2, the mod count will appear as 1.
Deducting a mod with every follow is an important aspect of our mod mechanism. It helps us in reintroducing the mods back into our system in other ways. This includes offering them to new members or the ones, who are visiting the side using regular mods. It helps in creating a better mod flow at Twimod, which promotes introductions.
If we would not have introduced such a system in our website, the mods process is going to inflate one day. As a result, the process of checking one another out, which is an incentive for members today, might diminish with time. Again, it would be difficult for us to offer incentives to members for referring people to our site as well as helping us in different activities, which lead to the growth of our community.
We have come up with this process after doing regression analysis and testing.
Where have my mods gone?
In case you are new to Twimod, it might be quite a confusing experience for you. There are high chances that every time you log into your account, you will find the mod balance in your account to be lower than what you would have had in mind. Usually, the reason behind it to be lower is that other users are following you, while you were not logged in. With each new follower, it is going to decrease the count of mods in the same ratio, which you are offering at that particular time. Since your mod balance is dynamic, it is going to work in real time. With every users following you, you will lose mods, whereas if you follow other users, you are going to gain mods. Thus, with every activity in your account, the count will be updated accordingly.
Will I have an idea on who is following me?
You will be able to see all the mod activity, which has taken place in your account. The detail also includes information of all the people, who have followed you. All you need to do is to go to the history page of your control panel.
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