Frequently asked questions about Suspensions
What do you mean by aggressive un-following? What can be its consequence?
Aggressive un-following relates to a method used by Twitter users, where they are following a lot of other users on the list and then almost in a short period of time (if not straightaway), un-follows them.
Yes, we can understand that there are situations, where you do not want to follow everyone, who you have checked out. However, we consider such moves as unfair. We believe that it will be of no benefit to the users, who are working quite hard to develop their social network. Whenever people opt for such activity, the effectively take away all the mods from others without giving them anything at all in return.
Twimod has been designed as a system, where mutual introduction is to take place. It can be recognized as a trust system, which says, “The users should give a mod, if you follow them for a specific amount of time as well as check them out.” People, who are churning the list, are not allowing other users with a chance.
We are on the constant lookout for any activity, which gives us even a hint of churning. Whenever there is a certain churning threshold met, your account will be taken in for a review.
Why is there a warning email in my mailbox?
In case we found that your account is breaking the rules of either Twitter or Twimod, we are going to send you a warning email. It would contain information on your behavior, for which you have been warned and why is it considered breaking the sites’ rules.
In case you do not put a check on your behavior, your account will either be suspended temporarily or removed permanently from our website.
Why has my account been put on hold?
We have the right of placing your account on temporary hold. Such actions will be taken, if we find that your account is either breaking our rules or breaking the rules set by twitter.
We hope that our strict actions are going to deter the users from using our site in an unfair manner. We are going to ask you to review all the activities, which you have done on Twimod to ensure that you conform to the rules.
Generally, the hold period is in between 2-7 days. It totally depends on the reason, why the hold has been imposed in the first place. This duration can be higher, in case your account has been through the hold process before. However, this action is temporary and it should be lifted from your account after sometime.
My account is suspended and I have no idea on what caused it. What can I do?
At Twimod, we are quite active when it comes to actively suspend accounts, which have broken our rules. We have clearly published each and every rule in its respective suspension. Each suspension is done to make sure that mistake count is kept to a minimum.
Firstly, in case your account has received suspension, you should check in the rules section to find out, if you have done any activity, which is against the rules/Terms & Conditions of both Twitter and Twimod. Of course, there is a scope of a human error from our end as well. If you find out that you have abided by the rules and your account has been suspended in error, you should take immediate action by opening up a ticket and contacting us.
You should take a note of the fact that we are having a full history of every action, which you have taken at Twimod. We also have data related to all the profiles, which you were previously and are presently linked to. Your suspension might be due to one of those old profiles, which you have had with us. Again, it might be for another account, which you are currently having with us.
One of the common reasons for your account to be suspended is fake account creation. You need to ensure that you are aware of what account is consider fake by Twitter/Twimod. We are having a constant watch on your account and monitoring its activity.
As already mentioned, if you feel that it is an error done from our end and you have abided by all our rules, you do have a scope of getting your account reactivated. All you need to do is ask us to look into the matter further by opening a ticket at our forum. Once we receive a ticket from your end, we are going to review your account and determine if your suspension was legitimate or not.
I might have broken the rules unintentionally. Can you overlook it and reactivate the account?
We offer a detailed information at our site on what kind of activity is permitted for our users and what is not. We constantly monitor all the suspension scenario on a regular basis. Therefore, it is up to you as an individual user for checking out that all your actions are abiding by the site’s rules.
Accounts, once suspended, are not going to be allowed to use Twimod and are not going to be reactivated again. Profiles linked to your account and will also be suspended. Again, the mods remaining on the suspended account will be forfeited to the site. We are quite serious about following the terms of services set up by Twitter. In case you have doubt about any of the aspects on things, which are permitted, you should have a look at the information presented for you on the ethics or rules page of our website.
What would happen to my Twimod account in case Twitter suspends my account?
As a part of the terms of services, which we have with you, you are only allowed to use our service, if you are having an active account on Twitter.
If your account is suspended by Twitter, you will not be allowed to use our services. As we have already stated that in different sections of our website, we are quite serious about their terms of service. You should have a look at our rules and ethics section for more information.
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