Privacy Policy
You must know the fact that Twimod is here to provide you with quality services to those individuals, who are looking to increase their connections on Twitter. In turn, we expect you to be using our services with honesty too. The Privacy Policy is applicable on all the products as well as services, which are provided by Twimod, its owners and you as a user of our services. It is applicable on the use of any kind of data, which has been collected from our end that is related to your usage of Twimod and any of its services therein. Please have a look below for understanding our views related to your personal information, which you provide to us for using our services and how we are using it.
1. Definition of Key Terms and Their Interpretations
Let us check out what the significant terms mentioned below mean:
* Account: It relates collective to the information provided by you, which include your personal details, financial details and credentials, for accessing the materials at or related to Twimod.
* Content: It means any kind of text, audio, video, graphics, image, data compilation, software or any form of information, which is capable of getting stored in your computer and appears or forms a part of Twimod.
* Cookie: It is a small text file, which is placed on your system by Twimod, whenever you are trying to visit a particular section of our website. This helps us in finding out, if you are recurring visitor or not. It also helps us in analyzing your browsing habits with Twimod.
* Data: It collectively stands for all the information, which you have submitted to our website. It includes personal details or any information, which you provide us for accessing any of the services provided by our website.
* “Twimod”/”Twimod”, “We”, “Us”, or “Our Parent Company” indicates the website and its owners, which have a registered office at Turkey.
* Service or Services: it collective stands for any kind of facilities, tools or information, which we have at Twimod at this moment or will have in the future.
* System: It stands for any form of online communications’ infrastructure, which Twimod might make available to you through the website, presently or in the coming future. It includes web-based mailing services, chat facilities, email links and message boards.
* User/Users: This means any kind of third party, which accesses Twimod, but is not employed by us and acting as part of employment.
* Website: It means the domain that you are currently accessing ( or any of the sub-domains of this site (for example,
2. Protecting the users of Twimod's Privacy
We, at Twimod, are using the latest in technologies available on the internet and processing them at our website to ensure that if you are providing us with any personal information for accessing our services, it is kept secured at all times.
This policy (along with our Terms of Services or any of the documents, which are referred to it) sets the basis on how all the personal data, which we collect from your end or you provide us with, will be processed from our end.
3. Information that is Collected from You by Twimod
This involves all the information, which you are going to provide, while filling up different forms at our site ( It includes any kind of details provided by you while registering with our site or subscribing to our services. It also involves the details that you provide while posting material on our site or requesting for any other services than what you are using right now. The information will include your name, gender, date of birth, contact information (email or telephone number), location, interests, preferences, business industry and profile information at our website.
* We might ask you to furnish information if you are trying to be a part of any competition or any promotion that is sponsored by our site or its owners or if you are reporting a problem, which you are facing at our site.
* We might also ask you for completing services, which we would use for different research purposes. However, it will not be a mandate for you to response to such requests.
* If you have contacted us for any query, request or problem, we would keep a record for your correspondence.
* This includes the details of all the transactions that you have carried out at our site. The details involve purchase history and the fulfillment of your orders.
* We also collect details of your visit to our site. The data might include, even though it is not limited to, traffic, location, weblogs or any communication related thing, whether it is necessary for our billing needs or accessing the resources from our site.
* We collect details of the services, which you use at our website. This includes online social connections, which you have made through our site.
* We collect your Twitter profile details, which you provide us through Twitter API after we have received your permission.
* We also keep other information, which are collected automatically and include type/version of your browser, your operating system, URL lists along with the one, which referred you to us, your Twimod activity and the site that you have exited to.
4. Your IP
We might collect details related to the computer, which you are using for accessing our site. The details can include your IP address, browser type and operating system. This helps us in our system administration as well as reporting aggregating information to all our advertisers. It is the statistical data, which reflects the browsing patterns and actions of our users. However, it doesn’t identify a particular individual.
5. Cookies
We might acquire certain information related to your general internet usage through a cookie file, which will be stored either in your browser or in your computer’s hard drive. It contains information, which is transferred to the hard drive of your computer or the device, which you are using to access our website. It helps us in improving the efficiency of our site as well as delivering quality and personalized services. Some cookies, which we use, are necessary for our sites operation. One of the cookies helps us in identifying you, whenever you are logging in. By registering with our site or continuing to use its services, you are agreeing to the use of our cookies in your computer. You also provide use with the permission for using the cookies, whenever you are logging into your Twitter account. Please take a note of the fact that some of our advertisers might also make use of cookies, on which we have no control whatsoever. If you want to know more on cookies, it can be located here.
6. How is your data stored with us?
The data, which we collect from you, will be transferred as well as stored at a destination, which is outside the scope of EEA (European Economic Area). It might also get processed by a staff, who is operating outside the scope of EEA. The processor might be working for us or for a supplier related to our site. Such individuals, who will access your data, might be engaged in, amongst several tasks, the fulfillment of all of your orders, support services or payment detail processing. Once you submit your personal data to us, you are agreeing to have it transferred, stored or processed by these staffs. We are going to take all the necessary steps for ensuring that the data provided by you is treated securely and according to your privacy policy.
All the details, which you provide to us, gets stored on one of our secured servers. All the payment transactions are going to be handled by PayPal. The encryption of your financial details is done using SSL technology. Wherever we have provided you with a password for accessing our site (or what you have setup at the time of registration), it is your responsibility to keep the password confidential. We request you to not share such credential with anyone.
Unfortunately, once information is transmitted through the internet, it is difficult to assure complete security. Even though we are going to take the best step forward to protect the personal data, which you provide, we are not able to offer you with guarantee of securing all the details transmitted to Any transmission of personal information is to be done at your own risk. Once we have the information received in our system, we have strict and secured procedures in place for preventing unauthorized access.
7. How are we using information provided by you?
We make use of the information, which you provide at our site or we collect from your system in the following manners:
* We use it for ensuring that our site’s content is presented to you in the most effective manner possible.
* We use it for providing you with the products, services or information, which you request from our website or we feel might attract your interests, with your consent.
* We use it for carrying out any obligations, which we might have for fulfilling any form of contract that the two parties (Twimod and you) have entered into.
* We use it for allowing you to participate in different interactive traits of our services, whenever you want to access it.
* We use it for notifying you about any of the changes that we have introduced in our services.
8. Third Party Services and Websites
We might make use of your data allow selected third parties for using your data. It will be done for providing you with information on different goods/services, which might be of some interest to you.
In case you are already registered to our site, you might receive communication from our end through electronic means (SMS or email) with information related to the goods/services, which are similar to the ones that you have purchased from us.
In case you are new to the website and where we have allowed certain third parties for using your data, Twimod or any (or all) of the third parties are going to contact you using electronic means, provided you have given us the content for this.
Twimod, from time to time, employ services of different parties to deal with certain matters. These matters might include, but not limited to, purchased item delivery, payment handling, advertising, marketing and search engine features. Vendors providing such services are going to have access to certain personal data, which are provided by the users of Twimod. Data used by these parties, however, are only to the extent that is required by them for performing tasks as requested by Twimod. These third parties are prohibited from using the data for any other purposes. Again, any data, which is processed by these third parties, need to be processed following the terms of this particular policy and should be in accordance with Data Protection Act 1998.
If you are not looking forward to have your data used in such manner, you must send an email request for removing your data from our records to
9. Disclosure of information provided by you
We might disclose personal information, provided by you, to any of the members in our group. This group includes our subsidiaries, our holding company or any of its subsidiaries.
The reasons behind disclosing your personal information are stated below:
* In an event, where we buy/sell any asset/business, where we might have to disclose your personal information to the prospective buyer/seller of the business/asset.
* If our parent company and all of its assets get acquired by another third party, where your personal data held by the parent company are going to be amongst one of our transferred assets.
* We use it, if there is a necessity for disclosing or sharing your personal information for complying with a legal obligation. We might also use it to enforce our Terms of Use.
10. Your Rights
* There are different areas of Twimod, which you have access to, where you do not have to provide any data whatsoever to us. However, for using all the products or services available at Twimod, you would have to provide account information.
* You have the right for asking us to not use or process your personal account information for any sort of marketing purposes. Usually, we are going to inform you (before collecting any information from your end), in case, we want to use your details or in case, we are intending to disclose them to a third party for any such purposes. You have the option to exercise your right and preventing us from such processing by checking specific boxes on our forms, which we use where we collect your data. You also have the option to exercise your right by contacting us at
* From time to time, our website might consist of links, which direct you to our partner websites, affiliates or advertisers. In case you follow any of the links to those websites, please take a note of the fact that these websites have their own set of privacy policies. We cannot take liability or responsibility for their policies. Please do have a look at their privacy policies before submitting your personal information on those websites.
* You have the right for opting out from receiving information from Twimod at any point of time in our association. You have the right to turn off all the notifications, which you receive from our system, by using our settings page.
* You have full right to delete your Twimod account by going to our advanced setting page, whenever you want to. This will lead towards terminating any communications from our end in the future.
* You have the right to contact us via our Contact or Support Page for terminating communications with us.
11. Access To Your Information
This Act provides you with the right for accessing all the information held by us about you.
12. Changes in our policy
Any changes, which we are going to have in our policy at any point of time, are going to be posted on this page.
13. Contact Us
If you have any queries, concerns or request in relation our website’s privacy policy, you are free to address the same to
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