Twimod is a free platform to grow your Twitter Network.
Twimod is based on a community-based model website. This is why we have made it a point to focus on the quality aspects of the things from the very beginning in our lifecycle. Yes, we are on the lookout for people to have their social profiles linked to our website. However, we do not wish to achieve that at the cost of quality. We want to make sure that there is a certain level of standard maintained at our site.
We do understand that sustaining quality environment can be a difficult job. However, we will need to meet this aim. With time, we are going to evolve, as Twimod develops further and it will have an impact on the rules. There would be a certain point of time, when we will be depending on our own judgment to make a decision on rules, which would be acceptable at our site. Please have a look at the below set of guidelines to know what is not acceptable at Twimod. There are some specific rules, which you must follow, if you are a part of our site.
* Create Fake Accounts to spam our site or other users
* Use Automation tools, which include auto-clickers, external scripts or bots
* Buy/sell your Twimod accounts
* Churn or Un-follow aggressively
One of the important points, which you should remember, is that we do not allow the sale of mods or accounts on Twimod using external sources. One of the major reasons behind our decision is that the accounts, made for selling purposes, are created using fake profiles. This generally leads to the degradation of the site’s quality. You should always ignore any move made by external parties to sell mods. They generally come up with mods using external scripts or automation tools. It is very easy for us to identify the mods, which are created using illegal means. Once identified, we immediately suspend the account in consideration.
How does twiend work?
Please have these couple of points in your mind, before you start with Twimod:
* There might some unacceptable profiles, already existing on Twimod. Even though we filter submissions by ourselves, we also believe in an approach of trusting our registered users. We rely on you to report, if you find out something, which you think is inappropriate and not following the general norms of our site.
* You should also remember that what we had no issues with yesterday might become a problem for us today or tomorrow. We keep on fixing our policy and try to take immediate action based on the feedback provided by our users. Yes, we might have accept your profile in the past and let you use our services. However, this doesn’t mean that you would stay with us forever. In case our policy accepts a ruling, which might looks at your actions to be illegal, you might get rejected with instant effect. Of course, you should not be concerned about it, in case your content is within the acceptable range.
Do not Churn
You should keep in mind that both Twitter and Twimod do not give approval to follow and un-follow others aggressively in a short period of time (also known as churning). The idea is that if you wish to follow someone in the first place, you should do it because you wish to receive his or her tweets. The main aim over here is to make you follow someone, who is having similar interests. That will decrease the likelihood of you finding their tweets boring in the future.
Buying/Selling stuffs is prohibited
You should be aware of the fact that buying/selling twitter followers is strictly prohibited by the social networking site. Twimod is free for everyone to use. However, we do give you the scope of purchasing mods on Twimod for allowing others to check out at a faster pace. However, we do not allow you to take the following steps:
* Buy Mods from other sources
* Sell Mods to other users
* Buy/Sell Twimod Account
* Buy/Sell Twitter Account
What kind of content is safe with Twimod?
All personal/business profiles are safe with Twimod which have the following features:
* Quality content based primarily on care and love
* Content that does not spam
* Content bringing value to other Twimod users
* Interesting Content
What kind of content Twimod does not allow?
These are some of the most important points, which you should be fully aware of, if you are to avoid a situation from getting banned or your content getting removed. We believe that it is simpler for you to understand what is not required by our website, as it makes our process quite transparent. Some of them are borderline points. It is important for you to interpret them in Twimod spirit:
* Explicit adult content is not permitted at Twimod. There are possibilities that somewhere down the line, we would not allow adult contents with even minimum explicit content to pass through our adult filter.
* Violence or the Hate speech is generally not taken in well by our site.
* Low quality affiliate page or the ones with the structure to cause spam issues will get rejected.
* Pages with broken links are straightaway rejected.
* If browsers flag your posted content to be unsafe, you would be rejected.
* Webmasters of spamming/hacking sites are not allowed, as we do not promote such activity.
* Low quantity page content is subject to removal.
* If your posted pages will load slowly, they will get rejected. Pages must load within short timeframe.
* Shorted URLs are permitted at Twimod, but unusual and excessive redirection is not.
* Dating content is treated in borderline zone. Generally, we avoid such content, as we have found them to be inappropriate in the past in some of the cases.
* We will reject websites containing excess of adverts.
* We do not allow people to use our website, if they bring, Feedburner, Neobux and similar websites through their content, as they spam the content of our site.
* Twitter does not permit the use of automation software for account creation and content posting. Similarly, we do not permit it either.
* If your content infringes the TOS (Terms of Services) of any of the sites, which we are integrated with, we are going to reject it.
* We do not allow promotion of illegal downloading sites.
* As they bring in spammers with them, we do not allow content related to PTC websites anymore.
* If a make money site has been rejected by us, it means that we have found it to be a source of spam problem in the future.
* You are allowed to add content only once. If we come across duplicate contents, we are going to remove them.
* RSS Feeds tend to cause spam issues. This is why we do not want to have it added to our website.
* Pop-ups are sometimes difficult to identify, but we try to remove if we find content or sites posted at Twimod giving scope to popup.
* In case sites wish to load plug-ins to our site, we reject it, as we do not have a scope to find out if the plug-in is malicious or not.
* We do not allow pyramid schemes at our site, as they create spam problems.
Twitter Specific Rules
Twitter is the main reason for our existence in the online world. As such, we have formulated a specific set of rules related to it, which is not permitted at Twimod.
* Any profile violating the ToS of Twitter will get rejected.
* Fake Twitter Accounts are subject to removals. The Twimod account linked to those Twitter account would also be suspended. We might also reject any account or content, which belong to the particular user.
* Twitter rejects spammy tweets. Similarly, we will ban your account, if you are going to tweet repeated links, hash tags or mentions, which are considered spammy.
* We do not allow Twitter accounts to operate with us, if they tweet constant feeds of website and blog post links.
* You are not allowed to sell your followers to other Twimod users.
Accounts breaking any of the rules mentioned above rules can get suspended. There are certain points, which you should be aware of, regarding suspensions:
* We can suspend account without giving prior notification or warning. Our main aim to make sure that the user committing violations is removed quickly.
* In case you feel that there was an error, when we suspended your account, you have the scope of asking us to review our move.
* In case we find our suspensions to be valid, we will never reverse it. However, you do have a scope of appealing against such suspensions after a month of “cooling off” period.
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